10(4) Dec18: The Ethics of Biodiversity Conservation

We are proud to present our volume 10, issue 4 (December 2018) on the Ethics of Biodiversity Conservation, guest edited by Claire Lajaunie and Pierre Mazzega

As biodiversity is now being lost at an alarming rate, to an extent that some scientists refer to the current period as the 6th (or Anthropocene) Mass Extinction, conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems are highly promoted across many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Concurrently, the link between biodiversity and human health is increasingly recognized – as in SDG 3 on health – underlining the importance of considering health in an integrative manner, taking into account not only human health but also animal and environmental health in a One Health perspective.

Several ethical questions arise from biodiversity conservation itself, but also from the interdisciplinary research so crucial to biodiversity conservation, and from the use of research in science and policy dialogues. Some of the ethical questions resulting from the most recent scientific investigations are considered in this special issue, by specialists of various research areas involved in biodiversity conservation.

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Guest Editorial: a Pragmatic Approach of Ethics in Interdisciplinary Research on Biodiversity Conservation
Claire Lajaunie & Pierre Mazzega

Technoscience and Biodiversity Conservation
Christophe Boëte

The Problems of Under-Inclusion in Marine Biodiversity Conservation: the Case of Brazilian Traditional Fishing Communities
Fernanda Castelo Branco Araujo & Edvaldo de Aguiar Portela Moita

Asian Elephant Conservation: Too Elephantocentric? Towards a Biocultural Approach of Conservation
Nicolas Lainé

On the Ethics of Biodiversity Models, Forecasts and Scenarios
Pierre Mazzega

From a variety of ethics to the integrity and congruence of research on biodiversity conservation
Claire Lajaunie

Book Review: Joseph Millum, The Moral Foundations of Parenthood
Harisan Unais Nasir

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