Vol 8, Iss 4 – Dec 2016

The December 2016 Issue (Volume 8, Issue 4) is our first issue edited by our new Editor-in-Chief Calvin W.L. Ho. This issue is also available via Project Muse: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/35567/print

From 2008 until 2016, the Asian Bioethics Review was published by NUS Press. The articles from this period can be downloaded freely from the NUS Scholar Bank via the links provided below: simply click on the title of the article you would like to read. They can also be accessed via Project Muse and ProQuest.

Editorial – Free Access
Critical Reflection Revisited
Calvin W.L. Ho
December 2016 – 8(4): 269-271 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0022

Article – Free Access
Physicians in Cyberspace: Finding Boundaries
Aamir Jafarey, Sualeha Shekhani, Mohsin-E- Azam, Roger Gill, Bushra Shirazi, Mariam Hassan, Saima Pervaiz Iqbal, and Rubina Naqvi
December 2016 – 8(4): 272-289 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0023

Article – Free Access
Terminal Discharges and Passive Euthanasia—Two Fundamentally Different Entities That Should Not Be Likened to Each Other
Vengadasalam Murugam
December 2016 – 8(4): 290-301 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0024

Article – Free Access
Compassion in Medical Ethics of Traditional Mongolian Medicine
Dashjamts Shagdarsuren, Battogtokh Gerelmaa, and Damdinjav Hamar
December 2016 – 8(4): 302-306 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0025

Article – Free Access
Debating Ethical Issues in Genome Editing Technology
Renzong Qiu
December 2016 – 8(4): 307-326 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0026

Article – Free Access
Newer Practice of Informed Consent Process of Clinical Trials in India
Barna Ganguly
December 2016 – 8(4): 327-336 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0027

Book Review – Free Access
Saviour Siblings: A Relational Approach to the Welfare of the Child in Selective Reproduction by Michelle Taylor-Sands (review)
Victor Cole
December 2016 – 8(4): 337-341 – doi: 10.1353/asb.2016.0028