3(4) Dec11: Islamic Bioethics

The December 2011 issue (volume 3, issue 4) is a special issue on Islamic Bioethics, guest-edited by Alireza Bagheri. It is also available via Project Muse: https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/24645/print

From 2008 until 2016, the Asian Bioethics Review was published by NUS Press. The articles from this period can be downloaded freely from the NUS Scholar Bank via the links provided below: simply click on the title of the article you would like to read. They can also be accessed via Project Muse and ProQuest.

Editorial – Free Access
Islamic Bioethics
Alireza Bagheri
December 2011 – 3(4): 313-315 – Project Muse: 461973

Article – Free Access
Sharia Law and Organ Transplantation: Through the Lens of Muslim Jurists
Farhat Moazam
December 2011 – 3(4): 316-332 – Project Muse: 461974

Article – Free Access
Confidentiality vis-à-vis HIV/AIDS and Other Related Issues: A Case Study in Light of Islamic Medical Jurisprudence
Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
December 2011 – 3(4): 333-341 – Project Muse: 461975

Article – Free Access
Human Cloning from the Viewpoint of Islamic Fiqh and Ethics
S. M. Mohaghegh Damad
December 2011 – 3(4): 342-350 – Project Muse: 461981

Case Commentaries – Free Access
Abortion in Different Islamic Jurisprudence: Case Commentaries
Alireza Bagheri, Leila Afshar, Mohamed A. Shahin, Majdah Zawawi, Mohammed Albar, and Sahin Aksoy
December 2011 – 3(4): 351-365 – Project Muse: 461976