Vol 12, Iss 1 – Mar 2020

The new Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Bioethics Review, Professor Graeme T. Laurie, is proud to present the March 2020 issue, the first issue of volume 12.

For this current issue, we are very pleased to support work that makes multiple and diverse contributions. At a time when it seems that the world is obsessed with COVID-19 as the latest infectious disease pandemic to threaten our health and global security, our colleagues Florencia Luna and Valerie Luyckx invite us to reflect on a crucially important question: why have non-communicable diseases been left behind? Closer to the patient experience, Sumytra Menon et al. examine the cultural, ethical and legal tensions that can arise in the context of family involvement in healthcare decision-making.

Finally, for our Original Articles section, and in keeping with the journal’s commitment to multi-disciplinary bioethical studies, we are pleased to publish a study by Zaw Zaw Oo et al. that focusses on experiences in Myanmar in considering fitness-for-purpose of research ethics committees (RECs) when assessing human health research. Our March 2020 issue ends with an insightful case commentary from Miho Tanaka and Satoshi Kodama that focuses on experiences in a Tokyo hospital—precisely one year ago—when a patient died when a physician complied with their request to withdraw kidney dialysis.

As we enter a new era for the journal, we want to remind readers of the core elements of the vision for this publication: we aim to provide a forum to express and exchange original ideas on all aspects of bioethics, especially those relevant to the region of Asia. The journal seeks to promote collaborative research among scholars in Asia or with an interest in Asia, as well as multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary bioethical studies more generally.

To all of you readers, get in touch with your ideas!

Our publisher Springer Nature allows you to read all articles online for free, therefore:

  • Clicking on the title will bring you to a read-only version of the complete article, even if you are not subscribed to ABR (unless the article is Open Access anyway).
  • Clicking on the DOI number will allow you to download and print the article, if you have a subscription for ABR.

Asian Bioethics Review Enters a New Era
Editorial by Graeme T. Laurie
doi: 10.1007/s41649-020-00115-5

Why have Non-communicable Diseases been Left Behind?
Florencia Luna and Valerie A. Luyckx
doi: 10.1007/s41649-020-00112-8

Some Unresolved Ethical Challenges in Healthcare Decision-Making: Navigating Family Involvement
Menon, Sumytra, Vikki A. Entwistle, Alastair V. Campbell, and Johannes J.M. van Delden
doi: 10.1007/s41649-020-00111-9 [Open Access]

Assessing Research Ethics Committees in Myanmar: Results of a Self-Assessment Tool
Zaw Zaw Oo, Min Wun, Yin Thet Nu Oo, Kyaw Swa Mya and Henry J. Silverman
doi: 10.1007/s41649-020-00113-7

Ethical Issues around the Withdrawal of Dialysis Treatment in Japan
Case Commentary by Miho Tanaka and Satoshi Kodama
doi: 10.1007/s41649-020-00109-3

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