3(4) Dec11: Islamic Bioethics

Islamic Bioethics [Editorial]
Alireza Bagheri
ABR 3(4): 313-315 – http://scholarbank.nus.edu.sg/handle/10635/144514

Sharia Law and Organ Transplantation: Through the Lens of Muslim Jurists
Farhat Moazam
ABR 3(4): 316-332 – http://scholarbank.nus.edu.sg/handle/10635/144515

Confidentiality vis-à-vis HIV/AIDS and Other Related Issues: A Case Study in Light of Islamic Medical Jurisprudence
Abul Fadl Mohsin Ebrahim
ABR 3(4): 333-341 – http://scholarbank.nus.edu.sg/handle/10635/144516

Human Cloning from the Viewpoint of Islamic Fiqh and Ethics
S. M. Mohaghegh Damad
ABR 3(4): 342-350 – http://scholarbank.nus.edu.sg/handle/10635/144517

Abortion in Different Islamic Jurisprudence: Case Commentaries
Alireza Bagheri, Leila Afshar, Mohamed A. Shahin, Majdah Zawawi, Mohammed Albar, and Sahin Aksoy
ABR 3(4): 351-365 – http://scholarbank.nus.edu.sg/handle/10635/144518

These articles published in later issues may also be of interest:

Gamete Donation: Ethical Divergences in Islamic Religious Thinking
Md Shaikh Farid, and Paul Schotsmans
ABR 6(1): 23-38 – DOI: 10.1353/asb.2014.0005

Priority Setting in Islamic Bioethics: Top 10 Bioethical Challenges in Islamic Countries
Alireza Bagheri
ABR 6(4): 391-401 – DOI: 10.1353/asb.2014.0031