Welcome to our new Editor-in-Chief Graeme Laurie

We are delighted to welcome Professor Graeme T. Laurie as our new Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Bioethics Review. He is Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at the University of Edinburgh and Founding Director of the JK Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law. As a long-time supporter of the journal, he remembers in his first editorial for our March 2020 issue:

It has been very heartening to watch the growth of this publication from before its inception until the present day. I recall fondly meetings in Edinburgh over a decade ago with Professor Alastair Campbell and Sally Campbell to discuss my experience of setting up and running an online journal SCRIPT, from which I hope some lessons were learned to help put Asian Bioethics Review on its current trajectory.

ABR Cover 1(1)From its inaugural issue in December 2008, the journal was led by Editor-in-Chief Leonardo D. de Castro and Managing Editor Sally Campbell until October 2016, when Calvin W. L. Ho took over as Editor-in-Chief. He has worked tirelessly to maintain standards and to improve the standing of the journal internationally, and for this, he is to be congratulated. We wish him every continued success in his new post at Hong Kong University. In turn, Prof Ho has been strongly supported in his role by Professor Vikki A. Entwistle, the Director of the NUS Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Assistant Editor Karel Caals, to whom we are also very grateful for managing the transition of editorship so smoothly.

As we enter a new era for the journal, we want to remind readers of the core elements of the vision for this publication: we aim to provide a forum to express and exchange original ideas on all aspects of bioethics, especially those relevant to the region of Asia. The journal seeks to promote collaborative research among scholars in Asia or with an interest in Asia, as well as multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary bioethical studies more generally. A key feature of the journal’s contribution is the capacity building for scholars at all stages of their career. We offer an unwavering commitment to make the Asian Bioethics Review a vehicle not only for high quality publications, but also as a means to receive respectful, timely and supportive feedback on publications in development. We are very happy to discuss work at all stages, and extend an invitation to contact us to discuss ideas. The Editorial team is committed to working with authors productively to promote publication when we see real potential, and also to provide helpful advice for future opportunities even if publication in Asian Bioethics Review is not the right outlet. In other words, we see our role not only as a final mechanism for publication, but also as an opportunity for scholarly growth.

Contact us via abr@nus.edu.sg, or @AsianBioethics on Facebook or Twitter.

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