A note of thanks to our outgoing Editor-in-Chief Calvin Ho

On behalf of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the National University of Singapore and the Editorial Board of Asian Bioethics Review, I would like to record our sincere thanks to Prof Calvin Ho for his tremendous service in the role of Editor-in-Chief of the journal.

For over three years, Calvin has worked passionately in support of early career scholars as authors and been a tireless ambassador for Asian Bioethics Review and its role in the furtherance of all aspects of bioethics, especially those relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

We wish Calvin every success in his new role as Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong. The journal remains open for submissions, and we look forward to announcing a new Editor-in-Chief and team in the New Year.

Vikki Entwistle
Director, Centre for Biomedical Ethics, National University of Singapore
Interim Editor, Asian Bioethics Review

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