ABR Seminar on UHC (28-29jan19): Dr Rajaraman on migrant health and UHC

At the International ABR Seminar on UHC (Singapore, 28-29 January 2019), Dr Natarajan Rajaraman, the Head of Medical Services at HealthServe, will discuss migrant health and UHC in Singapore.

UHC in non-ideal contexts: The Experience of HealthServe with Low-Wage Migrant Workers in Singapore

Singapore’s health policy formally extends Universal Health Coverage to non-residents, including migrant workers. However, significant pragmatic challenges still remain for low-wage migrant workers to access their healthcare entitlements. HealthServe is an NGO that provides assistance for low-wage migrant workers in Singapore. In this talk, we share some experiences and reflections on the policy-practice gaps of UHC for this population in Singapore.

abr 190128 uhc photo raj croppedDr Natarajan Rajaraman

joined HealthServe in February 2018 and oversees operations of the medical and dental clinics, as well as the development of community-based health programmes, research, education, and health-related external collaborations. Raj has a background in medicine, global public health and education. His specific interests are in the health of vulnerable populations and post-conflict health systems strengthening through training healthcare workers and improving quality of healthcare facilities. He has previously served in Sierra Leone and Timor-Leste. Raj enjoys reading and movies. Raj loves cats. And motorcycles. But not cats on motorcycles.

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