ABR Seminar on UHC (28-29jan19): Prof Vivian Lin on Law and Governance for UHC

At the International ABR Seminar on UHC (Singapore, 28-29 January 2019),  Professor Vivian Lin, Chair of Public Health at La Trobe University in Melbourne, will discuss law and governance for Universal Health Coverage.

Law and Governance for Universal Health Coverage

Universal health coverage (UHC) is agreed globally as an integral part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.  As such, UHC is not just about financing but is about how the health system can deliver on equitable and sustainable health outcomes.  There is no blueprint for what UHC looks like or how it can be achieved, given health systems constitute a social and political intervention.  So UHC roadmaps are necessarily country-specific and will ultimately reflect the historical, institutional, and socio-cultural contexts for policy-making.  Whatever is the system design, the steering of the UHC journey will require effective governance mechanisms and processes if more equitable access and better health are to be achieved.  The WHO Western Pacific Regional Committee has adopted a number of resolutions to support the realization of UHC and SDGs.  Strengthening legal frameworks at the country level is core to the governance agenda – in order to ensure coherence across sectors, to improve quality and access of health services, to assure rights for citizens, and to protect the community from health risks and harm.

abr 190128 uhc photo lin croppedVivian Lin

has more than 30 years’ experience in public health, with a variety of roles in policy and program development, health services planning, research and teaching. She was appointed as Chair of Public Health at La Trobe University, in Melbourne, in 2000 and took leave to serve as Director of Health Systems for the World Health Organization in the Western Pacific Regional Office from 2013-2018, where she led on universal health coverage, sustainable development goals, antimicrobial resistance, aging, and gender-based violence.  She is the author of several leading textbooks in Australia on health policy and planning, as well as on China.  She has served on multiple editorial boards for leading journals, including as health policy editor for Social Science and Medicine.  Most recently, she was a member of the International Panel on Social Progress and chaired its health cross-cutting group.  Vivian has worked at senior levels in health policy in several Australian jurisdictions.  She has also consulted widely for the World Bank, UK Dept for International Development, AusAID as well as the WHO, and served on multiple academic, government and community boards in relation to health promotion, public health education and research, complementary health workforce regulation, women’s health, Chinese community and China relations.

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