Welcome to the ABR Blog!

This is the official blog of the Asian Bioethics Review, an international academic journal of bioethics. This blog will feature articles from our authors, news relating to bioethics from around the world, as well as announcements and the latest updates on the Journal!

Just a little bit about us:

The ABR is the journal of the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Biomedical Ethics (CBmE). Established in 2006, CBmE is one of the largest bioethics centres in the world. It has become a major centre for teaching and research in South East Asia, with its main focus on global ethical values in an Asian context. The Centre is the first World Health Organization collaborating centre for bioethics in Asia, and it oversees many multi-disciplinary research projects in biomedical ethics in collaboration with academics and professionals in the biomedical sciences and clinical medicine. Apart from running the ABR, the Centre also runs an integrated teaching programme for medical ethics for the NUS undergraduate medical students, combining health ethics, the law, and medical professionalism into the curriculum. CBmE works closely with ethics governance and advisory bodies in Singapore, especially the Bioethics Advisory Committee, and strives to enhance the public’s understanding of ethical issues in biomedicine. The Centre also promotes national, regional, and international conferences and seminars in bioethics. For more about the kinds of projects that we do here at CBmE, feel free to check out our website, at http://cbme.nus.edu.sg/!

CBmE Picture
Here’s a photo of all of our CBmE staff in 2015!

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you around the blog!


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